What are the Best Opportunities for Flatbed Drivers in Pittsburgh?

Are you one of the flatbed drivers in Pittsburgh area who are looking for a better opportunity?

Flatbed drivers in Pittsburgh area are certainly in demand, but it can be tough to find an opportunity that pays a great wage while catering to your family and personal time. When it comes to jobs for flatbed drivers in Pittsburgh, TMT Transportation is the go-to partner for dedicated company drivers who want to maximize their earning potential.

Here are the reasons why TMT Transportation is one of the best options for flatbed drivers in the Pittsburgh area:

  • TMT Transportation is a company that is dedicated to the well-being of our drivers. Thismeans that we care about your family time as much as you do, and dispatchers workhard to get you back home when it matters most.
  • Our flexible scheduling is possible due to our close business relationships with ourclients. We’ve worked with our clients for many years, and pre planned schedules allowflatbed drivers in Pittsburgh to get home a few times a week and most weekends.
  • TMT Transportation is also highly focused on driver safety. In order to keep our driversas safe as possible, we ask that you adhere to strict safety regulations. We also look fordrivers who have a proven track record of safety.
  • When you have questions or complications with your truck, we have an on-sitemechanic who can look under the hood and help diagnose and fix problems. We won’tsend you out on the road if there is a safety issue, and our mechanic can help get yourtruck back in working order.
  • TMT Transportation also offers competitive pay, annual bonus, and healthinsurance—including medical, prescription, dental, and vision converge. Recent changesin the healthcare and insurance industry have made coverage difficult for someemployers, but TMT Transportation is dedicated to providing the best plans possible.
  • Although we are selective with hiring our flatbed drivers in Pittsburgh, we offer excellentopportunities for drivers who are experienced in this field. TMT Transportation is currentlylooking for qualified drivers to join our team, and we have a lot to offer for those who want to

    earn a great salary while spending time with family. Flatbed drivers get the best of both worlds

    when they choose to partner with TMT Transportation.

    If you’re interested in working with TMT, contact us today to learn more.