Looking to Become a CDL Driver in Petersburg, VA?

CDL Drivers know that choosing the right company to work for can be the difference between an exciting, rewarding career and an unreliable, stressful job. All too often great drivers can get hooked into working for companies that pay the bare minimum and force you to deal with unreliable workloads and unpredictable scheduling. This is not “part of the job”, you should not be sacrificing your standard of living and family-time for life on the road. We have a better solution.

TMT Transportation is looking for experienced CDL licensed drivers in Petersburg, VA who are ready for a career without the sacrifice. Our reliable workloads, flexible scheduling and competitive wages make it easy for you to earn a living and enjoy it.

When you aren’t working, you aren’t earning. At TMT, we are dedicated to giving our clients the the best quality of service to keep them coming back. Our CDL driver work load in Petersburg is consistent year-round, which means you will never be left wondering when your next route, or paycheck, will be available.

Balancing work and family is difficult in even the best situations, but we understand that for some CDL drivers it can be nearly impossible to know if you’ll make it to your son’s big game or even your sister’s wedding. It doesn’t need to be this way. At TMT, we pride ourselves on having established routes and advanced scheduling that allows you more time at home and more flexibility to live your life.

We value our drivers at TMT and we believe in rewarding them for their hard work. We offer competitive wages and annual bonuses as well as an impressive benefits package including medical, dental, vision and 401K. We ensure that you can provide a good life for your family when you are at home or on the road.

Join the TMT Transportation Family. 
Don’t waste any more time barely making ends meet in a job you hate. Contact TMT Transportation today and start enjoying the freedom and flexibility that you deserve from your CDL driver career.