Why Should CDL Flatbed Drivers in Petersburg, VA Choose TMT Transportation?

Have you dedicated yourself to a transportation career? CDL Flatbed Drivers in Petersburg, VA are in demand and highly valued by many trucking companies. These truck drivers can essentially take their pick in terms of employment opportunities, but the truth is that drivers shouldn’t partner with just any trucking company.

TMT Transportation is a well-respected trucking company that specializes in steel transportation. Our routes run through North America, including the Eastern, Midwest, Southern United States, and Canada. TMT Transportation differentiates ourselves from the competition by putting family and safety first, which is one of the best reasons to partner with our company.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with TMT Transportation?

CDL flatbed drivers in Petersburg will experience numerous benefits when partnering with TMT Transportation. These benefits include:

Flexible scheduling for extra family time. When you’re out on the road, you compromise a lot of family time. This makes many CDL flatbed drivers in Petersburg worry about missing important events. Due to strong business relationships with clients and flexible scheduling, TMT Transportation can send truck drivers home when it matters most. You won’t have to stress about missing events such as weddings or even the birth of a child.
TMT Transportation keeps CDL flatbed drivers as safe as possible. We require our drivers to adhere to strict government and safety regulations while out on the road.

TMT Transportation also offers a lot of extra incentives to CDL flatbed drivers in Petersburg, VA. These incentives include safety awards and performance bonuses. In addition, our CDL flatbed drivers can enjoy perks such as steady year-round freight, liability insurance, sign on bonus, and referral bonus.

Are You Looking For CDL Flatbed Driver Jobs in Petersburg, VA?

The typical CDL flatbed driver at TMT has several years of experience with driving large and oversized loads. If you are looking for CDL flatbed driver jobs in Petersburgh, VA, consider partnering with TMT Transportation. To learn more about our opportunities, contact us today by calling 412-353-2531.