Where Can CDL Flatbed Drivers in Oshawa, ON Find Jobs?

CDL flatbed drivers in Oshawa, ON, have many opportunities for maximizing income right at their fingertips. Their skills are highly in demand, and nearly any company will value skilled and experienced CDL flatbed drivers. When it comes to providing steady work to truck drivers, TMT Transportation is one best companies to find reliable work in the transportation industry.

Who is TMT Transportation?

TMT Transportation is a trusted transportation company that services North America. Our company specializes in transporting building materials—most specifically steel. However, our CDL flatbed drivers also transport materials such as lumber and brick.

TMT Transportation has established routes throughout North America. Our CDL flatbed drivers cover routes within the Eastern, Midwest, and Southern United States, as well as Canada.

What Benefits Does TMT Transportation Offer its Drivers?

TMT Transportation is a wonderful company to work with for many reasons. First, we value family time and our drivers are able to spend quality time with their families. Our flexible scheduling allows us to send you back home during times that matter the most, including important family events.

CDL flatbed Drivers in Oshawa can also enjoy numerous bonuses when partnering with TMT Transportation. We offer a sign on bonus, performance bonus, and safety incentives and awards. Our drivers also enjoy reliable year-round work, competitive pay, and working with a company that treats you like family.

CDL Flatbed Drivers in Oshawa: We Want to Partner with You

TMT Transportation is hiring experienced CDL flatbed drivers in Oshawa, Ontario. We are looking for truck drivers who possess a proven track record of safety. We require our drivers to comply with strict safety and government protocols, as safety is our number one priority.

The typical CDL flatbed driver at TMT has several years of experience with driving large and oversized loads. If you have experience transporting building materials, especially steel, you are a great candidate to partner with TMT Transportation.

Work with TMT Transportation: Apply Today

When you’re ready to join one of the most trusted flatbed transportation companies in North America, we invite you to join TMT Transportation. Apply online today or learn more by calling 412-353-2531.