Who is Hiring Truck Drivers in Columbia City, Indiana?

Truck drivers in Columbia City, Indiana are highly valued for their skills, safety, and dedication to their craft. It’s no secret that our entire world would dramatically change if truck drivers in Columbia City turned in their licenses—and they deserve the very best when they join a team as an owner-operator.

Who is Hiring Truck Drivers in Columbia City, Indiana?

TMT trucking is looking for dedicated truck drivers in Columbia City, Indiana. We’re looking for drivers who want to be treated like family, and given ample opportunity to spend time at home. Even though truck drivers in Columbia City are constantly on the road, TMT Trucking recognizes the importance of family time for our owner operators—and we want to keep our drivers as happy as possible.

Who is TMT Trucking?

TMT Trucking is a transportation company that specializes in shipping steel, lumber, and other building materials. We have several headquarters in North America, including Columbia City, IN, Petersburg, VA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Oshawa, ON. Our drivers are well experienced in transporting large and oversized freight, and shipments are typically delivered throughout the Eastern, Midwest, and Southern United States, as well as Canada.

Why Should Drivers Choose TMT Trucking?

Truck drivers in Columbia City, Indiana have numerous benefits for partnering with TMT Trucking. First, we highly value family time for our owner-operators. Thanks to our flexible scheduling, truck drivers can enjoy time at home for important events, from weddings to graduating ceremonies
Furthermore, our routes are well established and we have very stable business relationships with our business clients. This means that truck drivers in Columbia City, Indiana can expect to transport fright all year—and you won’t have to worry about running into periods where there isn’t enough work to go around.

Who Does TMT Trucking Hire?

We’re always hiring truck drivers in Columbia City, Indiana. However, we have a list of credentials that we’re looking for in our owner-operators. One of the most important characteristics that we look for is a proven track record of safety. Even though TMT Trucking values family time, safety is our top priority.

Owner-operators who partner with TMT Trucking are required to follow strict safety and government protocols. We offer competitive compensation for the safest drivers, including extra incentives such as a sign on bonus and safety awards.

Truck Drivers in Columbia City: Apply with TMT Trucking Today

If you’re an experienced flatbed driver who is looking for steady work at a reputable company, apply with us today or call 412-353-2531.