What is the Best Job for CDL Truck Drivers in Pittsburgh, PA?

As a truck driver, you spend a lot of your time out on the road and away from your family. When you compromise family time for a salary, cdl truck drivers in Pittsburgh, PA often look for flexible schedules and a company that cares about family. TMT Transportation is dedicated to providing the best jobs for truck drivers in Pittsburgh, and here is why drivers should choose TMT over the competition:

TMT Transportation Values Family Time

When you decide to join TMT Transportation, you’ll find that family time is priority. TMT Transportation offers flexible scheduling so truck drivers in Pittsburgh can take time off to attend important family events, from weddings to graduation parties. Unfortunately, a lot of truck drivers adhere to strict schedules that don’t offer the luxury of family time—but that’s exactly what you’ll find with TMT Transportation.

TMT Keeps CDL Truck Drivers Safe

Although TMT Transit greatly values family time, safety is top priority. TMT requires CDL truck drivers in Pittsburgh to adhere to strict government and safety regulations to keep you as safe as possible. Furthermore, TMT Transit also offers truck drivers inspections from our mechanic if necessary. If there is ever a concern about the mechanics of your truck, TMT Transportation is here to help.

TMT CDL Truck Drivers in Pittsburgh, PA are Eligible for Safety Incentives and Awards

In order to further encourage safety protocols, TMT truck drivers are eligible for safety incentives and awards. TMT takes safety very seriously, and our safest drivers are awarded with additional perks.

TMT Transportation is Looking for Top Notch Truck Drivers in Pittsburgh

The typical CDL flatbed driver at TMT has several years of experience with driving large and oversized loads. If you’re an experienced CDL flatbed truck driver, TMT Transportation is looking for you. We offer competitive wages and other incentives for truck drivers, including:

Sign on and referral bonus

Performance bonus

Steady freight throughout the year

Weekly settlements

Liability insurance

And more…

When you’re looking for the best jobs for truck drivers in Pittsburgh, consider partnering with TMT Transportation. Contact us today with questions and opportunities for driver opportunities in Pittsburgh, PA.