Reliable and Experienced Flatbead Drivers in Pittsburgh, PA

TMT Transportation has become one of the most reputable carriers in the Pittsburgh region. We work as a family and take care of both our customers and our drivers. Our Pittsburgh flatbed drivers service a variety of customers and carry the following cargo:

Metal: Plate, Structural Steel, Tubing, Piling
Logs, Poles, Beams, Lumber
Building Materials

We work with a diverse set of customers with varied capacity commitments. Our drivers understand that they’re representing you on the job. They strive to make a great impression on your behalf. This means they’re always professional, respectful, and courteous.

While it’s impossible to completely eliminate delays, we do whatever it takes to prevent them. If delivery is delayed, you’ll find out from us and not your customer. Details are communicated to you. Solutions or alternatives are offered. This way you’ll be able to communicate the delay to anyone waiting for us. This is much better than you being in the dark until your phone starts ringing with complaints.

Safety is a Priority for our Truck Drivers in Pittsburgh

Each year, up to 1,000 highway fatalities are attributed to non-secure cargo falling from trucks. You can rest assured that TMT Transportation and our drivers prioritize safety. We’re in complete compliance with DOT regulations and requirements. Our Pittsburgh flatbed drivers aren’t even allowed to load or unload cargo until they complete safety training and drug/alcohol screening.

Before we head out on the highway, a thorough pre-inspection takes place to confirm both the truck and its cargo are safe and secure. All cargo must be securely tied-down, properly cradled, blocked, or braced. Whatever it is we’re carrying must be immovable before we hit the road. It’s a responsibility our Pittsburgh flatbed drivers take very seriously.


If you need a quote for flatbed drivers in Pittsburgh, call us today at 412-331-7772 to discuss your cargo, mileage, and special instructions for a free freight quote.